: Citizens advocating to: (a) keep the three elephants at the Toronto Zoo, and (b) in the
alternative, have them moved to an AZA-accredited facility such as The National Elephant Center (TNEC) in Florida.

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Time to Terminate Agreement with PAWS

The time has come for the Toronto Zoo to terminate its agreement with PAWS. Questions arising from the due diligence process cannot indefinitely remain unsatisfactorily answered.

The Toronto Star is reporting today that "over the past several months, the zoo has accused Zoocheck/PAWS of failing to hand over all the medical records it is seeking. A major concern has been reports of tuberculosis at the U.S. facility."

There are also reports that the Zoo has not signed off on a transportation plan. The plan calls for flying these three elderly elephant for several hours in a cargo plane's cargo bay which is only partially pressurized. It is recommended that the humans wear oxygen masks. Is it safe and humane to fly three elderly elephants in a partially pressurized cargo bay where it is recommended that humans wear oxygen masks?

If the due diligence process cannot be satisfied within a reasonable time then the proper thing to do is for the Toronto Zoo to exercise its legal right to end the agreement to send the elephants to PAWS.

Section 17 of the agreement states:
17. If, as a result of its due diligence review of ARK 2000 and PAWS, the CEO is not satisfied that ARK 2000 and/or PAWS are suitable or financially viable to care for the Elephants, the CEO shall report to the Board and to Toronto City Council of this decision and the reasons therefor. If the CEO's decision is affirmed by the Board and Toronto City Council, the Board may terminate this Agreement upon written notice to PAWS in which event this Agreement shall be null and void and neither party shall have recourse against the other party.
The Toronto Star in its editorial on 29-Aug-2012 stated, "City council made a Jumbo mistake last year when it voted to send three elephants to an unaccredited sanctuary rather than an accredited zoo. In doing so, politicians rejected a decision by the zoo’s board and advice from the zoo’s own experts."

It is time to do the right thing and terminate the agreement and look at alternatives.

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