: Citizens advocating to: (a) keep the three elephants at the Toronto Zoo, and (b) in the
alternative, have them moved to an AZA-accredited facility such as The National Elephant Center (TNEC) in Florida.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Truth For Toronto Zoo Elephants - We Will Continue to Fight For You

Video: "Truth For Toronto Zoo Elephants - We Will Continue to Fight For You"


Animal rights ideologies should not supersede true animal welfare. When your cause and the need to define one's self becomes greater than, more important than the health and well being of animal then it is time to re-evaluate the motives of the spiritual leaders of your agendas. Science facts and logic have proven that there is a tuberculosis risk if the Toronto Zoo elephants are transferred to PAWS Sanctuary. No matter how much you want to support the sanctuary or how much you are against the institution of zoos at no point should your emotions or personal opinions override the logical truth. The sanctuary is not safe for ANY ELEPHANT AT THIS TIME.You have no right to force our elephants to be deliberately and irresponsibly exposed to this deadly disease. "Fare Thee Well" copyright The Rankin Family. I do not own the copyright to this song nor am I using it for profit. Its beautiful classic Canadian music for three beautiful Canadian elephants whose lives we cherish and value enough to fight for.


  • 0:00: The Truth About Toronto Zoo Elephants
  • 0:01: Refuting Propaganda 2.0
  • 0:03: There is overwhelming evidence that PAWS elephant sanctuary has had TUBERCULOSIS TRANSMISSION on site. * Lab Reports, * Necropsy Reports, * Tissue Culture Reports
  • 0:08: These elephants have been USED * EXPLOITED As a trophy and a victory For the animal rights movement. The cause has superseded The true welfare of Iringa Toka and Thika
  • 0:13: City councillors colluded with Anti zoo organizations and engaged In a public relations campaign of lies about the Toronto Zoo
  • 0:18: This transfer is UNETHICAL. Disease prevention protocols FAILED at the sanctuary. The Toronto Zoo Elephants will be at risk of contracting TUBERCULOSIS.
  • 0:24: this transfer is an UNETHICAL ABUSE OF POLITICAL POWER. It is about who has the most money. Celebrityitis. USING OUR ELEPHANTS AS POSTER CHILDREN for the animal rights movement.
  • 0:30: Thika, Iringa and Toka we are sorry
  • 0:35: Sorry that animal rights ideologies and political egos have become more important than your lives
  • 0:40: You have become a cause, poster children for the self proclaimed morally superior animal rights movement
  • 0:45: A pawn for political egos and arrogance and personal gain
  • 0:50: Animal liberation at any cost? At the expense of your lives?
  • 0:55: Toronto City Councillors have denied the truth
  • 1:06: Councillors have chosen their personal extremist dogma, political gain and lies over truth
  • 1:11: Councillors conspired with animal rights organizations to malign our zoo staff, to publicly disparage our zoo
  • 1:16: 6 elephants have died @PAWS in less than 5 years
  • 1:21: 2 deaths claimed as arthritis, Sabu and Rebecca. USDA documents proved they were tuberculosis positive upon necropsy.
  • 1:26: And now your lives will be at risk for tuberculosis
  • 1:36: It is a slow and painful death...
  • 1:41: It systemically eats away at lungs, joints and lymph nodes
  • 1:46: It requires hundreds of pills orally and rectally inserted every day, it causes painful side effects. It is a lifelong disease.
  • 1:51: PAWS has an unknown strain of tuberculosis. It has no match in the GLOBAL DATABASES!
  • 1:56: It killed Rebecca. She gave it to Annie.
  • 2:01: What disease prevention protocols are these?
  • 2:06: Self proclaimed to be the best in the world
  • 2:11: Why wasn't Annie kept safe from this disease?
  • 2:16: The African herd @PAWS lived with the Asians...
  • 2:21: ... for 5 years! With Rebecca who had been treated for tuberculosis in 2002 and then died TB+ in 2011
  • 2:26: There is risk of TB exposure in the African herd @ PAWS
  • 2:31: Toronto Council ignores these facts, ignores the USDA Reports. They choose paid advocacy over truth.
  • 2:36: Sentencing our elephants to death by TUBERCULOSIS
  • 2:41, Annie @PAWS was reactive to statpak tests in 2011
  • 2:46: She still converted to active tuberculosis one year later. She didn't respond to treatments... WHY?
  • 2:51: Council said our elephants would choose this risk...
  • 2:56: If they could speak for themselves, really? Would you choose this risk for yourself? Your loved ones or pets?
  • 3:01: All the proof about TB@PAWS was evidenced by Toronto CITIZENS. Our motive? Justice for Iringa, Toka and Thika.
  • 3:06: PAWS and Zoocheck Canada denied tuberculosis @PAWS
  • 3:11: Denied it for months and months. They knew about their tuberculosis crisis For over a year before they signed a deal with the Toronto Zoo!
  • 3:16: Councillors outright lied to the media, denied tuberculosis
  • 3:21: We are sorry for their egos and arrogance...
  • 3:26: Emails accessed via Freedom of Information prove these councillors colluded with Zoocheck Canada...
  • 3:31: To use the media to attack and blame zoo staff for the delay of this transfer. Zoocheck told them what to say and they said it!
  • 3:36: City Councillors took advantage of public ignorance, what you have not been told. Used our elephants as pawns in their political games.
  • 3:41: Tuberculosis can take a healthy animal like this...
  • 3:46: And turn it into this.
  • 3:58: The National Elephant Centre is a safer alternative
  • 4:04: Say no to tuberculosis. Save the Toronto Zoo elephants
  • 4:08: [TUBERCULOSIS IS NOT FREEDOM] We fought for you, we will continue to fight for truth
  • 4:13: Iringa, Toka and Thika, your roots may be in Africa but your hearts will always be in Canada. We will fight for you.
  • 4:18: [If there is a better solution... find it. - Albert Einstein] Anti-zoo ideologies should not supersede true animal welfare
  • 4:23: [Don't believe the lies]

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