: Citizens advocating to: (a) keep the three elephants at the Toronto Zoo, and (b) in the
alternative, have them moved to an AZA-accredited facility such as The National Elephant Center (TNEC) in Florida.

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Zoo's elephant move 'futile:' Lindsay Luby

The following are excerpts from The Globe and Mail and from Toronto Sun with quotations from Toronto City Councillor and Toronto Zoo Board member Gloria Lindsay Luby regarding the Toronto Zoo elephants:

Losing elephants could cost zoo its accreditation (18-Nov-2011)
... the elephant decision [i.e.: Toronto City Council's 24-Oct-2011 decision to send the elephants to PAWS] rankled a few veteran zoo board members. “I was thoroughly disgusted,” said Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby. “This motion usurped the board’s decision-making process. If you’re going to keep doing that, what’s the point of a zoo board? It’s sneaky, it’s unprecedented and not worthy of council.”

       -- The Globe and Mail, 18-Nov-2011
Toronto elephants get more support (26-Apr-2012)
Board member, Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby, said sending the elephants to PAWS “was the wrong decision” and “now, I just have to be certain we’re not sending them into something they’re going to get sick in and will shorten their life-span” since “because they’re not an accredited institution, they don’t really have any accountability.”

       -- Toronto Sun, 26-Apr-2012
Zoo's elephant move 'futile:' Lindsay Luby (2-May-2012)
“This whole exercise we are going through has cost us time and money, staff time, the board’s time,” Lindsay Luby said Wednesday. “We’re not saving any money by sending them, I think that has been pretty clear so what are we getting out of it? Nothing, we’re losing three elephants.”

Lindsay Luby said the actual cost of providing food and lodging for the elephants at the Toronto Zoo is quite small and there will be no saving in staff costs once the elephants are gone because those that care for the pachyderms will be redeployed elsewhere in the zoo.

... Lindsay Luby called the entire elephant affair an “exercise in futility for all concerned.”

... “It’s not a matter of Councillor Berardinetti being happy … it’s a matter of the vets being happy, they are the people with the expertise,” she said.

       -- Toronto Sun, 2-May-2012